Ralf Netsch learnt the craftsmanship of recorder making at the beginning of the 80s in Markneukirchen/Germany. 1991 he opened his own master workshop. Since then he produces handmade instruments which satisfy highest customer demands.

The offered range of instruments from the Renaissance and Baroque epoque is continuously enlarged and adapted to the requirements of the recorder players. A large number of the recorders made by Ralf Netsch are more or less copies of very good originals such as instruments by Bressan, Stanesby, Denner or reproductions of a wonderful alto recorder originally made by Oberlender with carvings from the Grassi Museum in Leipzig. In particular his love of extravagant baroque recorders demands special craftsman skills and many hours of preparation and manufacturing.

Ralf Netsch regularly participates in instrument exhibitions in for example Vienna, London oder Boston, where he makes contacts and presents his new instruments. The copies made in his workshop are played everywhere around the world. Current projects are the reconstruction of a recorder consort from the musem of the castle of Quedlinburg and the replication of the newly discovered alto recorder by Oberlender.